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Honesty, Integrity, and Self-Dependence



DR Systems Unity RIS/CVIS/PACS servers and workstations are built on the newest HP hardware and run the latest Microsoft Windows operating system. Utilizing 'Smart Client' technology, DR Systems Unity workstations operate in both LAN and Web-based environments, optimized to the needs of the diagnostic imaging workflow location.

DR Systems' fault-tolerant server architecture is scalable, equally efficient handling the small exam volumes of clinics and community hospitals and multi-facility, urban healthcare systems with more than 300,000 on-line exams per year.

  • The Unity Central (image) Server provides immediate exam access to any LAN-based Dominator or Ambassador workstation.
  • The Communicator™ Web-server publishes exams for distribution via the Internet, or private intranet, using the standard Internet Explorer web browser or DR Systems Web Ambassador™ viewing application.
  • The Dedicated Database Server is an option recommended for facilites with large databases.
  • Server virtualization enables instiutions to use fewer servers for their various applications, reducing hardware, operating, and service costs.
Optionally, all DR Systems servers are available in a clustered configuration.