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Web Ambassador

Ambassador Clinical Review

The Web Ambassador is easy to use software to confidentially review patient exams via the Internet. For each exam, referring physicians can review DICOM images, a report, and a recorded audio conclusion. The Web Ambassador application can be downloaded to any Internet-connected PC from the DR Systems Communicator Web server. The Web Ambassador can be used at a physician’s office or home, ward, surgical center, clinic, or ER.

As a marketing tool, the Web Ambassador can automatically point the referring physician and staff to the radiology facility's web page. The same Web Ambassador application can provide access to any information you elect to post on the confidential portion of your radiology web site, such as patient preparations, location maps, professional qualifications, scheduling information, educational materials, or exam ordering.

Web Ambassador can also be configured to forward DICOM images to other image information systems, using DICOM Send technology.

Web access using a standard Internet browser

Referring physicians do not need to install Web Ambassador software to obtain Web access to DR Systems RIS/PACS images, exams or radiologist audio report summaries. A referring physician can use a standard Windows® web Internet Explorer browser.


  • Web access for referring
    physicians working remotely to safely and securely view exam images, listen to audio reports, and read text reports.

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